We started the Padayatra! Our march against caste-ism.

Dear friends, today we started the Padayatra march “Mahakali to Mechi” against caste-based discrimination and ethnic discrimination. I will write updates when I find time and a proper Internet connection. For now, enjoy a few pictures from the first time.

Our starting point was Chandhani Dodhara in Mahakali district, which forms the Western corner of Nepal. From here, we will walk to the Southern corner in Mechi district. That’s the full length of Nepal along the terai belt – 1321 km.

All that time, we will collect people’s stories about caste-based discrimination and highlight the issue together with the local communities of each place.

For updates from that journey, you can follow me here and on Facebook and visit our official Nepal Padayatra 2019 page.

Thank you for following along!