Her name is Subur Sada, and she is called a Dalit (“untouchable”) in the Nepali society. Subur lives in the village Lalsaiya in Shira district of Nepal.

Her husband is missing since 5 years ago, and Subur has no idea whether he is alive or dead, as she has not heard anything from him. But she has two children and her parents-in-law and has to look after all of them. So she works in the farms of rich people in her village and earns some (but not much) money for her full days of work there.

With that money, she has to manage everything. And even though she doesn’t know her age as she can’t read or write anything – she sends her children to school, so they don’t have go through pain the way she has to now. She is a brave and beautiful woman with a lot of pain in her life … who still dares and fights to live her life.

In my blog, I share with you stories of people I meet during our Nepal Padayatra 2019 walk. Because stories show the hard reality of living in Nepal today, but also the dreams and little successes of people struggling to improve their situation.

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