In my blog, I want to share stories of people I meet during our Nepal Padayatra 2019 walk. People told me so many stories already, and so far I hardly found time to tell them here. But I think stories can very well illustrate the hardships that people have to go through, much better than by describing a general problem.

So … here is the first story.

I met her in Dang district of Nepal during our Padayatra walk. She is working as a domestic helper in a hotel, and everyone only calls her Lathi. Which means “the mute one”. Yes, she cannot speak, and she also cannot hear. But she still has a proper name! It is so humiliating that people don’t even use her name … because this way, in a way she lost her identity.

Sadly, I could not find out her name. Not from her co-workers, who would only call her Lathi. And not from herself, because we do not have a common language. She knows sign language, but I don’t 🙁

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