Ending caste discrimination: I am determined!

I decided to give my hair as part of our campaign to end caste-based discrimination and untouchability in Nepal. It’s a sign of dedication from my side.

Here you see my comrade Homraj, who is on this campaign with me, having the honor to cut my hair:

सयौ बर्ष देखी मेरो सनुदायले भोगेको बिभेदलाइ अन्त्य गर्ने प्रण गर्दै हामीले सुरू गरेको अभियानको सार्थक न्यायका लागि मैले आजकै मितिदेखि मेराे केश जातीय विभेद र छुवाछुत अन्त्यका लागि अर्पण गर्ने निर्णय गरेकी छु । मेरो यो निर्णय दलित मुक्तिका लागि समर्पण हुनेछ । मेरो यो कदममा साथ दिनुहुने सहयात्री अभियन्ता Homraj Acharya र Ashok Darnal जीलाइ धन्यबाद !Nepal Padayatra 2019

Gepostet von Reeta Pariyar am Sonntag, 24. März 2019

Oh, and: there are so many stereotypes what it means for women to be beautiful. All of which are wrong. You see? Short hair, still beautiful!

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  1. We all support you .. I salute to you for your efforts to do this great work . I personally join you once I will be there . Keep it up. our community need you and your kind of people thanks again.

  2. I am with you .lets join hand in hand to end this so called rule of the society .We are alike everyone else in the society.We don’t deserve discrimination and we aren’t untouchable.

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